Guild Events

We offer Contemplative Groups and Quiet Days on a regular basis around the State of Maine, as well as in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  In the past we have also offered large events with well-known leaders in the greater spiritual community.  Today we are shifting our focus to exploring ways of supporting each other as well as reaching out to others through technology to create community. Everyone is invited to attend our events.   

Guild Contemplative Groups
Guild Contemplative Groups welcome everyone who desires to begin or deepen their practice of contemplative silence.
Guild Quiet Days
Guild Quiet Days consist of several hours of free silent time and often include an hour of spiritual conversation over a simple meal of soup and bread.

The Heart of the Mycelial Web

with Marilyn Hardy

How can we embrace the phenomenon of the mycelial web, moving it beyond a concept into a living presence and process within our body?

Let’s turn to the Heart!

Consider this: the mycelial web – the underground organic network that enables trees to increase their functional root surface so they can take in more water and nutrients-is mirrored by the neural circuitry of the heart! The Heartmath Institute reports that the heart’s electromagnetic field is the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the body. It is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. It envelops every cell of the body and extends out in all directions into the world around us.
This workshop invites you into a gentle and respectful exploration and re-education of movement and postural patterns in your nervous system. Focusing on the environment of the heart and lungs, it serves to open the breath and enhance sensation and flexibility in your chest, ribs, and mid-spine.
As the breath responds to the softening and freedom through our “trunk”, we gain functional, energetic, and imaginal access to our capacity to root down through our whole body. We feel more open and sensorily alive. Our heart becomes the generating force of the relational energy that radiates out into the world and branches down into the sentient earth under our feet.

Join us for this unique and enjoyable opportunity to embody the mycelial web! 

Marilyn Hardy, MS, GCFP has a rich background in somatic education and body-centered psychotherapy. She has been a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner for 32 years. Her unique style combines many bodymind modalities that provide access to the power and satisfaction of a deeply embodied life. For more information about this event, contact Marilyn 207-449-1081 or Offices in Harpswell and Portland.

Saturday, August 8, 2020, 9:00-12:00, via Zoom.  Price is $30.

To register go to: events/registration


POSTPONED EVENT Spring Friends and Associates Retreat: “Contemplative Practices for Chaotic Times”  Alcyon Center in Seal Cove, Mount Desert Island, Maine


Experiencing stress over the polarization of politics in our country? Despair over climate change? Distraction as too many tasks, activities, or electronic devices vie for your attention? Join us for a relaxing two and a half day retreat as we explore “Contemplative Practices for Chaotic Times.”

All are welcome, but space is limited.

In the peaceful setting of the Alcyon Center, participants in this retreat will explore how engaging with nature, dreamwork, lectio and visio divina (spiritual reading and seeing), spiritual direction and other contemplative practices can facilitate more intentional ways of living into the culture in which we now find ourselves. Whether in silence or in optional sharing, we will support one another as we discern the invitations into this more intentional engagement.

Cost of Retreat (Activities and Three Lunches) ; $55 per Friend* or $49 per Associate* If you are receiving the Guild Monthly Newsletter, you are a Friend. If not, you may pay $25 to become a Friend.

Overnight Shared Room: $135 for two nights plus cost of retreat

Overnight Single Room: Contact us for availability and price

Dinners will be potluck. Participants will be asked to bring a dish to share at one of the meals. Details will be sent.

Some scholarship assistance available.


Previous Events

A Day of Teaching With Sherri Mitchell, based on the book “Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living a Spirit-Based Change”, Fall 2019 

“Discover ancient, ancestral teachings to heal our collective trauma and reconnect with spiritual source in this workshop with Sherri Mitchell.

Many indigenous ancestral prophecies predicted our present time of upheaval, but they did more than provide a warning. These ancient teachings also provided us with a map, one that can lead us back into alignment with all that truly matters.”

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography and Soul Mythology, Fall 2019 

Your personal Spiritual Autobiography is a written compilation of the most important stories of your life and a reflection on how those stories inform your experience of spirituality. Your personal Soul Mythology is a compilation of the “life-lived myths” that inform your Soul, that shy, yet very curious, part of yourself that seeks and longs for those eternal mysteries that tell you who you were before the “world got ahold of you.” As a participant in this upcoming Guild workshop, you will be introduced to the process of writing your personal spiritual autobiography and have the opportunity to actually write a small portion based upon one of several offered prompts. You will then be guided in constructing a mythological story based upon that one small portion of your spiritual autobiography.

This process will enable participants to explore the “quiet questions” that stir the Soul when no one is watching, questions like: Who are the loves of my life? What are my passions? How have I discovered my truest longings? We will explore how one writes a myth that captures a glimpse of who we are becoming, and we will invite you to join others on this very personal journey from the outer stories of our lives into the great mysteries of the truths that lie within us all.

Kathleen Dowling-Singh: The Grace in Living, Recognize It, Trust in It, Abide in It, 2017.


Events centered on Seeds of Contemplation featured the following presenters: Martin Laird, Cynthia Bourgeault, Rami Shapiro, Belton Lane, Chris Pramuk, and Fred Brancato, 2015


Satagraha: Love-Force in Action with Rajmohan Gandhi, 2014.
Alberto Ambrosio and Amir Vahab, Divine Love in Sufi and Christian Contemplation, 2014.
Rose Mary Dougherty, On Leading Contemplative Retreats, 2014.
John Makransky, Awakening Through Love, 2014.
john Makransky
Cynthia Bourgeault, Song of Songs, 2014.
Cynthia Bourgeault

Other previous presenters include David Frenette, Richard Rohr, Tessa Bielecki, John Chryssavgis, Kyricacos Markides, Margery Zoet Bankson, and Fr. Thomas Keating.