Guild Community

We tend not to draw distinctions among members with regard to our professional experience. In part, this may be due to the fact that, as a medieval contemplative said, “In this work, we are all beginners.” We come together, leaving behind our titles and professional identities, and taking up a piece of the journey together in order to, in Bruno Barnhart’s words, find wisdom in “participatory knowing.”

There is also a core sense that we are all called to leadership and that leadership is grounded in a gift of God in each of us. Our hope is that our programs offer members a place where they can offer their gift in the confidence it will be received with gracious esteem.

Board of Directors

Members of our Board of Directors are stewards of the Guild’s philosophy and vision. They oversee the programs, staffing, and legal and financial aspects of the Guild. Each member is commited to practicing the Guild Rule of Life, which involves participating in spiritual direction or guidance, abiding by the Guild Ethical Guidelines, following the Guidelines for Small and Large Group Conversations, and financially contributing to the life of the Guild.

Stewards of the Guild Vision are:

Dean Henry –
Sara Hayman –
Marty Resotko –
Dan Robinson –
Lyta Seddig –
Heather Spring –
Rick Wile –
Nancy Collins –


Cynthia Bourgeault
Tony Burkart
Rose Mary Dougherty